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BCS Title Game

Dear Notre Dame fans,

You know who you should really be pissed off at?

Jim Tressel.

Think about it. Tressel is one of the biggest reasons that game happened last night. If it weren’t for Tressel’s inability to report violations and his desire to cover things up because he needed to win thought he was doing what was best for his student-athletes, that game last night would have been Notre Dame – Ohio State.

And that’s a storied match-up. Just like Alabama-Notre Dame is a storied match-up. It would have been a fun spectacle to see those two historic programs duel for the championship.

And, let’s be honest here, Ohio State had a good team this year with an incredibly dynamic quarterback. They were not a great team. There is no way in hell the game turns out 42-14 for either team if that’s Ohio State instead of Alabama.

So, Irish fans, while you shouldn’t be down at all today – you had a great season, and that score was more indicative of how well Alabama handled the long layoff than the respective levels of either team, Jim Tressel is the man you should be made at.

Don’t be mad at T’eo, just because his trips around the interview and award circuits made him forget how to tackle for a day.
Don’t be mad at a system that punishes every team that loses – except Alabama.
Don’t be mad at the fact that Brian Kelly is no where near the strategic coach that Nick Saban is.